A dog maximum of 10 to 20 minutes of time to eat the food.

After complition of consumption of food then remove the feed bowl immediately.

Don't change the dog food suddenly. The present dog food to the other new food slowly by incresing and decresing levels in 5-7 days.


At 15 day, 28th day, 42th day and 57th day dosage depends on Weight, Breed and Condition.

In between 90-100 day- dosage depends on Weigh, Breed and Condition.1 tablet of contell= per 10kg body weight.

After that do the deworming every 3 month using formula-1 tablet of contell or drontal plus=per 10kg body weight, or worex XL= per 35kg body weight.


The vaccination and deworming schedular very carefully and regularly and regular health check's to your veterinary surgeon.

Don't give your puppy a bath before the vaccination schedule is completed.

Don't take your pet out of the compound for a walk before the vaccination schedule is completed


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Vaccination Chart

Age Vaccine For Disease Recommended Company
30days P-vaccination Parvo virus Indian Emonology
45days 8 in 1-First Shot Distemper Adenovirus Parainfluenza Leptospirosis Parvovirus Carona virus Hepatitis Pfizer
60days 8 in 1-Booster+ARV(Anti Rabies Vaccine) Distemper Adenovirus Parainfluenza Leptospirosis Parvovirus Carona virus Hepatitis Pfizer
120days ARV-Booster Rabies Pfizer